About Us

MGC provides unique, individualized solutions in a variety of industries, covering both single-country and multi-national trade, for a world-wide clientele seeking to do business in the Middle East.  MGC is particularly adept at providing the following:    

Survey and Analysis Services

  • analysis of product markets;
  • determination of market capacities;
  • analysis of consumer preferences;
  • analysis of competitive products and corresponding advertising strategies;
  • identification of optimal distribution channels.

Enterprise Marketing Services

  • development of marketing strategies;
  • defining of market segments;
  • determination of optimal positioning of product;
  • analysis of parameters in pricing policy.

Advertising and Promotional Consultation

  • development of effective advertising distribution channels;
  • development of  advertising strategies and concepts;
  • survey and analysis of influence through target groups;
  • quantitative and qualitative testing of advertising impact.

Business and Investment Consultation

  • analysis of investment projects;
  • preparation of business plans and commercial offers;
  • search for investors;
  • search for investment projects;
  • project management and control;
  • express and expedited investment analyses when time is of the essence.