At MGC, we start with feasibility.  We analyze the competitive environment in a client's target Middle East country or region in order to determine whether market entry is advisable.

We ask -- and answer -- that fundamental question: can you make money here?

Our service gives each client a detailed overview of their main competitors in the region, the applicable prices and tariffs, and the likelihood of success according to the objectives they have specified.  MGC works from both a single-country and multi-national focus, and with clientele both new to the Middle East as well as enterprises firmly established in the area. 

Many clients seek to introduce products into the Middle Eastern marketplace.  For those introducing new products, we analyze the size of demand, supply, consumption, usefulness, and popularity of similar products in the market.  We analyze wholesale and retail prices for the product in the target market as well as essential factors that may affect the level of prices.  We also study the available distribution channels and corresponding transportation costs. 

Clients also seek MGC’s assistance in promoting their product or product line.  When it comes to promotion, we pay special attention to the types and instruments of competitors’ promotions along with the effectiveness of their promotional activities.

MGC helps with investments, as well.  We perform due diligence and business analysis for organizations that are contemplating investments, strategic partnerships, or mergers and acquisitions at a global level.  We also assist those that are looking to enhance organizational effectiveness in an existing business or portfolio company.

Finally, MGC is often asked to give its clientele internal feedback.  We generate valuable due diligence reports and business analyses for our clients that become an integral component of their decision-making and negotiation processes. We offer a confidential, sound, unbiased perspective. MGC’s feedback is the ideal complement to your internal resources.