Whether you are seeking to enter or expand your presence in the Middle East, Mithras Gulf Consulting can add value to your endeavor, by maximizing information and thereby minimizing risk, in the following industries:

  • Banking -- MGC continually studies and monitors the various aspects of the region’s financial sector and banking industry, including its ever-changing areas of investment activity and their correlated business opportunities
  • Manufacturing -- MGC enjoys a growing expertise in the current status and future trends of those enterprises involved in the manufacturing of goods throughout the Middle East
  • Oil & Gas -- MGC has a long-standing, in-depth comprehension of the critical petrochemical sector of the Middle Eastern marketplace
  • Real Estate -- MGC’s specialized knowledge of the region’s real estate market includes residential, commercial, and industrial sectors as well as the needs of those purchasing for use or for investment 
  • Retail/Distribution -- MGC is an established expert in the Middle East marketplace, where an ever-expanding number of products, both for interim and end-sale purposes, are being introduced and established.
  • Sourcing -- MGC’s skill in strategic sourcing analysis involves continuous assessment of purchasing and service methods on a global scale with a focus upon their effective implementation in the Middle East. MGC answers the question, “Can you source here?”    
  • Telecommunication -- MGC monitors the daily evolution of the telecommunications industry and comprehends its usefulness and  interrelationship with the variety of languages and cultures which meet in the marketplace of the Middle East